R04 Series Straight Plug (R04-P8M-6.8)
Tajimi Small metal threaded waterproof connector.

PRC04 Series are lightweight connectors, adopting aluminium alloy.  Easily detachable push-pull one-touch PRC04 connector. Does not slacken, even from vibrations and shocks. Aluminum alloy is used for the housing, so it is lightweight and easy to use. Through type products, can be combined with relay type or panel mounting type.  Screwed to the socket.
Specifications :
Connector shape : Round
Applicable pin/contact : Female (Socket)
Number of cores: 8
Application : Cable connection
Allowable Current(A) : 2
Allowable Voltage(V) : AC200 / DC280
Wire connection method :  welding
Connection direction :  Straight
Applicable cable diameter (φ mm) :  6.0 ~ 6.5

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