PRC04-21A16-14M SERIES
Tajimi PRC04 Series One Touch Lock Type Connector

PRC04 Series are lightweight connectors, adopting aluminium alloy.  Easily detachable push-pull one-touch PRC04 connector. Does not slacken, even from vibrations and shocks. Aluminum alloy is used for the housing, so it is lightweight and easy to use.
Specifications :
Connector shape : Circular Type
Applicable pin/contact : Male (plug)
Number of cores: 14
Application : Cable-to-panel mount
Allowable Current(A) : 5
Allowable Voltage(V) : 350 ~ 490
Wire connection method :  Solder
Connection direction :  Straight
Type : Flange-Type Panel Mount
Voltage DC : 490V
Notice: Voltage A : 350V

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