1108-10PC1,1108-10RC SERIES
Caps for Plug and Receptacle

Hermetically Sealed Receptacle (Glass-to-metal seals) Glass-to-Metal seal creates a bond with high sealing integrity. This maintains rated electrical characteristics during continuous exposure to thermal and mechanical shock. Applications of these receptacles are for vacuum pumps, inert gas tanks and oil pressured pumps. These receptacles can be mated with other TC1108 series connectors.
Also available for hermetically sealed receptacle.
Specifications :
Type : For plug 
Dimension A (mm) : 13.3 
Dimension D (mm) : 120 
Connector shape : Cap (for receptacle) 
Dimension C (Φ mm) : 21.0 
Dimension B (Φ mm) : M18 
Dimension E (Φ mm) : 3.6
Coupling method : screw 
Waterproof : 300 KPa (when combined)
Type : For receptacle · jack 
Dimension A (mm) : 16.3 
Dimension D (mm) : 120 
Dimension C (Φ mm): 21.0 
Dimension B (Φ mm) : M18 
Dimension E (Φ mm) : 3.6
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