PRC03-32A10-2AM10.5 SERIES
Tajimi Wireless Electric One-Touch Lock Round Connector PRC 03 Series PRC 03

One-Touch Lock Round Metal Connector PRC 03 - 32 A 10 - 2 AM 10.5 Male relay adapter 
Tajimi Wireless Electric Original push - pull - one touch lock connector 
PRC series can be quickly and reliably mounted and dismounted, There is no looseness against,,. 
Since the rotation operation is not performed at the time of attachment and detachment, operation in a narrow place and high density arrangement are possible.
Specifications :
Connections : Straight
Wire connection method: Solder 
Applicable pin contact : Male (plug)
Allowable voltage (V)  : 600 to 840
Detaching method : One touch
Application : Cable to cable

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