Heavy Duty Cable Drag Chain

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Heavy Duty Cable Drag Chain (A Type)

Product material :  Nylon, PA66, engineering polyamide is used in the manufacturing. It is impact resistant with high strength and light in weight. It is suitable for quick movements. The sturdy structure makes it not liable to distort.

Opening way :  Bridge type

Color:  Black


- Material: PA66+ 30% glass fibre

- Open easier,convenient to install and maintain.

- Protect the wire and cable.

- Open easier,convenient to install and maintain

Applications :

The enclosed electric cable moves along the length of drag chain and this cable chain moves in the moving parts of the machine, improving the life of cable, avoiding the direct streching in the electric wires, removing traction between wires.

Cable chain have been widely used in numerical control machine tools, electronic equipment and CNC machines.
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