LNE-SGM Nickel-Plated Brass


หมวดหมู่ : Nickel-Plated Brass


double locked metal cable gland

Product Material:            body: nickel- plated brass, inner set: nylon, sealing: modified rubber
Specification of thread:  Metric, PG
Protection classification: Reaching the level IP68 while matching with O-shape sealing ring
and screw tightly within the specified clamp range.
Certification:  RoHS, CE
Working temperature:  -40℃ ~ +110℃, instantaneously can be 120 ℃

Property:  With design of clamping claw and sealing ,easy & fast assembled by sealing nut , each
specification have a scope clamping,with high tensile strength, dust resistant and inactive with salts,
acids, alkalis, oils and greases as well as general dissolvent

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