LNE-MBG Nickel-Plated Brass


หมวดหมู่ : Nickel-Plated Brass


Cable gland for metal conduit

Product material:  A,C,F,G parts are Nickel-plated brass. D part is PA66, B,E,H parts are NBR.
Thread Specifications:  Metric
Color:  Metallic color
Protection classification:  Reaching the level IP67 while matching with O-shape sealing ring and screw
tightly within the specified clamp range..
Working temperature:  -40℃~+100℃, instantaneously can be 120℃
Certification acquired:   RoHS 

Property :: Nice shape, compact structure, higher intensity; Flexible conduit Ferrule design make conduit connection tightly, easy assembly ,and strong pull resistance.Water resistant, dust resistant, inactive with salts, acid and alkali resistance, alcohols, oils and greases as well as general solvent.  Besides the following standard specification, customized size and thread standard are available.

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